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Maybe I'm Dreaming album cover for physical edition

"This Is The Future" is the eleventh track of Owl City's debut album, "Maybe I'm Dreaming". It has a duration of 2:53.


Wake up on your own, and look around you,
'Cause you're not alone.
Release your high hopes,
And they'll survive.
'Cause this is the future,
And you are alive.

Dive in and swim away,
From your lonely nights, and miserable days.

And when you wake up on your own,
Look around you,
'Cause you're not alone.
Let your hopes go, and they'll survive.
'Cause this is the future, and you are alive.

You're headed home
You're headed home.


  • The lyrics in the verse, "Dive in and swim away..." are only heard through the right speaker/earpiece, with whisper-like vocals; the left only has backing music with no vocals heard through it.

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