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16/12/08 (original self-release) 30/03/10 (re-release)

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Original self-release (2008) Universal Republic re-release (2010)


Synthpop, electronic


Adam Young

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Of June (EP)

Ocean Eyes

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"Maybe I'm Dreaming" is the debut album by the American project Owl City formed by Adam Young. It was released on December 16th, 2008. Despite having been self-released and not recorded by any major producer, it managed to reach the top 20 of the Billboard Electronic Music Album Chart. The seventh track, "The Technicolor Phase", is featured on Alice in Wonderland's compilation album, Almost Alice.

Following the surprise success of Owl City's second album, Ocean EyesMaybe I'm Dreaming was pressed and re-released by Universal Republic on March 30, 2010.

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No. Title Length
1. "On the Wing" 5:04
2. "Rainbow Veins" 4:40
3. "Super Honeymoon" 3:22
4. "The Saltwater Room" (feat. Breanne Düren) 4:52
5. "Early Birdie" 4:15
6. "Air Traffic" 3:04
7. "The Technicolor Phase" 4:27
8. "Sky Diver" 2:48
9. "Dear Vienna" 3:58
10. "I'll Meet You There" 4:16
11. "This Is the Future" 2:51
12. "West Coast Friendship" 4:03
Total length 47:42


Owl CityEdit

  • Adam Young – vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, drums, programming, engineer, audio mixer

Additional musicians and productionEdit

  • Breanne Düren – additional vocals on track 1, 4 & 6
  • Austin Tofte - additional guitars and instrumentation, additional vocals on track 1 & 2

Chart PerformanceEdit

Maybe I'm Dreaming peaked at #6 on the UK Dance Albums chart and #16 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums (Billboard) chart.

YouTube PlaylistEdit

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  • This is the first studio album recorded by Owl City.
  • This is the only album to have had a self release.
  • This is the only album to have an alternative cover.

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